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Beautification of the Nipigon Legion

Flowers and planting around the Nipigon Legion to enhance the look of the building and surroundings

Growing Competitions – 2021

In Partnership with the Nipigon, Red Rock and Dorion Public Libraries there are limited seeds available at each library.
Open to all ages in Nipigon, Lake Helen, Red Rock, Hurkett and Dorion (and anywhere in between)

Pick up your free seeds at your local Library.

Seed Potatoes will be available in May.

Judging to take place the week of September 12, 2021, with a 1 sunflower, 1 pumpkin entry per person.


Giant Pumpking

How big can you get one of these giants to grow in your backyard?

Requiring a lot of space, water and food, how big of a pumpkin can you grow? Utilizing Atlantic Giant seeds you are free to grow as you wish within standard growing methods within our growing season.

Judged by the weight of your Pumpkin – and Largest circumference.

Some Tips for Growing Giant Pumpkins:

  • They require 110 or more days to grow, our growing season is only 100 days.
  • You can start pumpkins inside and transplant them outside after the risk of frost has passed (around June first).
  • Choose larger pots to start as if the root-bound (get too big for pot) it will stunt their growth. (Fabric Pots don’t allow the plants to root-bound – I use 5 Gallon Fabric pots and transplant in June) .
  • They require a lot of space to vine out.
  • They require heavy watering once established and lots of sunlight.
  • Rich organic soil mounded up and well fertilized.
  • They should have fertilizer added every month.



Russian Giant Sunflowers

How tall and how big of a head can you grow?

Utilizing Russian Giant seeds, how high can you grow a sunflower?  How big of a head can you get?

The Giant Sunflower contest will have two categories – tallest and largest seed head by width. Height will be measured from the ground to the highest point of the stem.

Tips for Giant Sunflowers:

  • They require 90 or more days to grow, our growing season is only 100 days.
  • They are not easily transplanted so should be planted directly in the ground.
  • Sprout your seeds first for a few days and then plant. (
  • Choose a warm soil sheltered from the wind with lots of sun (South Side, next to house).
  • Feed and water regularly.
  • Support the stem as it grows.

Potato Master Grower

How many potatoes can you grow from a single seed potato?

We give you a seed potato and you turn it into as many as you can by seasons end. Other than us supplying the specific variety of potato you are free to use whatever growing method you feel will grow the most potatoes. Judging will be done on Labour Day Weekend and based on the weight of potatoes produced.

Article: Chitting Potatoes



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