Nipigon Community Garden Project

Nipigon Red Rock Horticultural Society is excited to announce it has been granted permission from the Township of Nipigon to utilize the property formerly known as Lions Park in Nipigon as a Community Garden. The property is between Duluth and Radisson Streets, with our permitted use encompassing the southern half of the property. Access via Duluth and the Southern Half of the lot between Radisson and Duluth Streets with approximately 5000 square feet of growing area.

The proposed community garden will be a combination, larger-scale production garden. Crops will be grown communally for donations to food banks and restaurants. Additionally, some crops will be sold at the weekly market in Nipigon to help fund ongoing maintenance and expansion of the garden.

The hope is that over time, a large garden such as this will assist in increasing food security and allow local citizens access to numerous fresh vegetables at a significantly reduced cost. This space will also act as a training area for gardeners of all levels to teach and learn different gardening practices about plants about maintaining gardens and local wild and edible plants.

We are running late for planting this year. However, numerous transplants are over-ready to go and seeds for other short-season crops. A gravity feed watering system has been designed, and the parts collected to provide ample water for the project.

We want to put the garden beds together asap and plant them immediately for any interested volunteers. There will be no boxes this year as lumber prices are outrageous. 

To volunteer your time or supplies, please email or call glenn @ 807-889-0707. Work will be ongoing.

Plantings will be under modified square foot gardening rules in mounded beds. The hopes are to add to the beds and raise them more as lumber prices drop or a more inexpensive source is found.

Crops to plant: (depending on timing and availability)

  • Squash Varieties; Winter and Summer (many transplants available)
  • Bush beans; Yellow and Green (direct sow)
  • Rutabaga (direct sow)
  • Beets (direct sow)
  • Swiss Chard )transplants and direct sow)
  • Kale ??
  • Sugar Snap Peas (direct Sow)
  • Cucumbers (some transplants and direct sow)
  • Lettuce (under shade cloth)
  • Radish
  • Any other transplants or seeds anyone wants to donate.

Things we are looking for:

  • Hands and minds.
  • Lumber, old lumber, and recycled lumber; as long as it’s solid, we can work with it. 
  • Wood chips – untreated and a small truckload if possible.
  • Wheelbarrows and garden tools. 

The Tentative plan:

Area highlighted in Yellow

Purchase a membership online;

Purchase a yearly membership for the current calendar year. Payment via PayPal - Credit Card

Or purchase in person at;

  • Nipigon River Bait, Tackle and Souvenirs (21 Second Street Nipigon) 
  • Nipigon Gazette Offices (155B Railway Street Nipigon – beside Zechners)

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