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At the northernmost point of Lake Superior where the mighty Nipigon River enters the Lake. In a plant hardiness zone 2B to 3 it can make for interesting gardening, difficult at times however things do grow here.

We are presently welcoming gardeners young and old to come and join our society. We need members and you do not need to be experienced. Come and learn with us and for those gardeners who have been around for a while please come and share your information and experience with those of us looking to learn. Mentoring and friendship is a part of our gardening group.

The Nipigon and Red Rock Horticultural Society belongs to District 14 of the Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA – and receives funding through the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). Funding is based on membership and volunteer activity within our communities.

2021 memberships now on sale 
Plant – Grow – Learn

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  • Nipigon Gazette Offices (155B Railway Street Nipigon – beside Zechners)

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Vertical trellis Squash

Posts from the Horticultural Society

Community Garden

Community Garden

Nipigon Community Garden ProjectNipigon Red Rock Horticultural Society is excited to announce it has been granted permission from the Township of Nipigon to utilize the property formerly known as Lions Park in Nipigon as a Community Garden. The property is between...

Live Webinar on Soil & Climate Change

Live Webinar on Soil & Climate Change

Sandra has made arrangements for  District 14 societies to participate in a Free Live Webinar presented by Jocelyn Molyneux, from WasteNot Farms Inc. and Jocelyn's Soil Booster. She will give her talk entitled "Feed Your Soil. Fuel Your Family. Fight Climate Change." ...

DISTRICT 14 NEWSLETTER – spring 2021

DISTRICT 14 NEWSLETTER – spring 2021

HAPPY SPRING DISTRICT 14 MEMBERS   It is that time of year when we are getting antsy to begin working in our garden as spring is in the air. Some days, at least and on others, winter keeps reminding us that we live in the North. There are many changes taking...

Starting and growing Giant Pumpkins

Starting and growing Giant Pumpkins

Giant PumpkinsAtlantic Giant Pumpkins were developed through selective harvesting for decades by Howard Dill in Windsor, Nova Scotia, my hometown. Since then, the seeds have been grown worldwide and are commonly produce 400-500 pound pumpkins. Record-sized pumpkins in...

Chitting your potatoes

Chitting your potatoes

Getting more potatoes per plant Chitting your way to a bigger cropThe following is a description of the practice of chitting. This can give you a leg up in our Potato Growers competition. This and other articles were originally written for the Nipigon Gazette...

We rely on members, volunteers and partnerships.

Membership is only $10 per year, volunteering and sharing our gardening information, advice, trials and triupmhs is priceless.

The Things we do

Gardening Competitions

, we are restarting spring 2020, we are opening up gardening competitions including Giant Pumpkins, Sunflowers and potato growing.

Community Gardening

Through partnerships with local home owners and townships we aim to help with, promote, design and help maintain community based gardens, both flower and vegetable.


Our more experienced members offer mentorship and advice to those new to gardening, from flowers to vegetables we can help.


Above all else we hope to provide as much informations and to promote gardening throughout the region in whatever ways we can.

Get In Touch

We are happy to answer questions if we can or to share our combined knowledge. We are Membership/Volunteer driven and welcome all.

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